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Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Initiation: The Best Age to Start

We take up a sport for various reason. Sometimes it is out of interest. Sometimes it is convenient because there is a club nearby. Or you may have the capacity for the sport, so it is easy to pick it up.

I encourage girls to take up this beautiful sport. The time spent at recreational level, even if they do not make it to the top as champions, is never wasted. Like all sports, they learn discipline, skills and techniques. They usually develop a good posture and coordination.

Is there a best age to start? In gymnastics, the younger they start, the better. It should be noted that children have developmental ages for motor skills, so the programmes they participate in should take that into consideration.

Our Mission​:

To provide a safe, secure, and caring environment, which allows all children to achieve their full potential.
To encourage the children to develop their confidence and independence.

Our Mission

The Coach and the Gymnast

Gymnasts spend a lot of time in the gym with their coach. That show how important it is for a gymnast to form a good relationship with the coach. A gymnast should learn to respect the coach from the very minute she step into a gym. The gymnast and her coach must build up a trusting relationship and a bond with each other.

UMClub Rhythmic Gymnatics
UM club gymnastics classes

Penang, Malaysia

I had the privilege of having Maria as my first coach. Throughout the 1 or 2 years of being under her, I was able to really develop both my skill and interest in this sport. I can't thank her enough for being such a great coach to me... pushing me to the best of my ability, encouraging me when I sometimes felt discourage and most importantly, believing in me!

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