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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is a niche sport but it’s common enough that people recognise it when they see it. They know what it’s called, even if they don’t understand much about it.

It’s very easy to admire the beauty of the performance though. And it’s understandable that parents would want their daughters to participate in such a graceful sport.


A gymnast’s ability to show the technical requirements of the sport are crucial. This includes her sense of balance, range in flexibility, her level of coordination, especially with her limbs and hand-eye coordination.


Psychological attributes such as the ability to compete under intensive pressure are vital, especially with the nature of competitive rhythmic gymnastics. Her ethics and discipline to practise the skills of paramount importance if she wants to be a quality gymnast.

Давно хотела написать отзыв-благодарность, ведь это здорово когда оставляет человек после своего общения столько хорошего!
Я очень благодарна, что мы тренировались у Марии Вячеславны
Мария, замечательный человек, она добрая, требовательная, талантливая. Многим успехам мы обязаны именно ей, она воспитывала в дочке характер, упорство, выносливость и доброжелательность к окружающим, а самое главное умение работать самостоятельно!
Мария умеет найти подход к каждой гимнастке, эта связь тренера с девочками очень важна!
Спасибо за Ваше большое сердце, за ваш труд, за ваше терпение!
Всегда помним о вас!

С любовью семья Зазулиных, Санкт-Петербург, СК "Мир"

Our Mission

Many people asked

Many people who are asked «What is rhythmic gymnastics?» will invariably answer, «Ribbons». Actually, rhythmic gymnastics also uses rope, hoop, ball and clubs.

A lot of gymnasts’s training is focused on the development of precise skills specifically natural to each apparatus. For example, the roundness of the ball makes it ideal to be rolled or bounced.

The Coach and the Gymnast

Gymnasts spend a lot of time in the gym with their coach. That show how important it is for a gymnast to form a good relationship with the coach. A gymnast should learn to respect the coach from the very minute she step into a gym. The gymnast and her coach must build up a trusting relationship and a bond with each other.

UM club gymnastics classes
UM club gymnastics classes

London, UK

  My daughter’s coach Maria was very helpful and always on hand to offer advice and support when needed. She was coaching for short period of time, but still managed to show variety of skills and technique-based skills, which helped my daughter to move on her ladder in rhythmic gymnastics road. Maria has a strong personality, very strict, but fair! She really puts her whole heart into each girl and worked hard towards their goals. My daughter loved working with her and missing her a lot. We all are very grateful for the opportunity to meet Maria and wish her success in the future!
Rasuole Ivaskeviciene

A&V Club London, United Kingdom

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